Projects won't load


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Note: this is Isabel from my channel V
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iPad Air 2
1 sentence description of the problem I just tap a project and it keeps loading and doesn't stop

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Click on a project
This for some reason only happens to me, not Katie. I've sent Hopscotch an email but they said to consult this website so now I'm here :smile_cat:

I expected this to happen:
It to load
But instead this happened:
It didnt load
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


That happens to me when there is not a good wifi connection.

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But I have good Wifi connection. All of my wifi games work and even my internet works


Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help ("@KVJ" is what you type)

Try checking your wifi.


I have a million times :sob:


Not to be mean, but are you sure you're waiting long enough?

Also, it could be lagging because of storage. Do you have a low storage space available?


Hmm. Try to clear your iPad. (If you don't know what it is, you press your home button twice and swipe all the things up)


You could try deleting hopscotch and getting it again but that may not work either though


Great idea! I'll try. :grinning:


I clear up my iPad all the time. Great suggestion though


OMG! WinningMonkey's idea worked. Thanks a million everyone for trying to help me! You guys are all so helpful!


Your welcome I hope hopscotch doesn't do that again :D


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The consult web thingy is just a meassage they send before reading t i guess.


Reinstalling the app does work for a lot of bugs in hopscotch XD

here's some steps to follow if hopscotch bugs again:

1: Wait. Seriously, sometimes this works XD
2: Exit the project and reopen it, the project itself may have bugged.
3: Check your wifi and VPN (sometimes the top left of your screen lies, open up a new webpage and see if it loads correctly)
4: Close hopscotch, wait a few seconds, then reopen it.
5: Close all the apps, then open just hopscotch.
6: Turn off your iPad (hold the power button until an option pops up to turn it off, then slide the slider) And then turn it back on, then reopen hopscotch
7: Hard reset (hold both the power and home buttons at the same time until the screen goes black), turn your iPad back on, then reopen hopscotch (you get the latest version this way)
8: Uninstall hopscotch, then reinstall it from the app store
9: Hard reset again
10: Search the forums for something that sounds like the bug you're experiencing, if you find a topic addressing your bug and there is a fix for it, do that fix. If there is no fix and the topic hasn't been posted on in a while, revive it
11: report the bug, this can either be by emailing the hopscotch team at (somebody edit in THT's email here) or on the forums in the new bugs category (like you did here)
12: Wait until hopscotch updates again
13: start over at step 1, but don't create a new topic. if the topic hasn't been posted on in a while, revive it

I just realized that this would make a good topic in and of itself XD