Projects with inappropriate content


I have seen 2 people that post inappropriate things non related to hopscotch. I reported the projects but should I email hopscotch support? Just curious.


If its very inappropriate, you can or you can email them or post it onto the forum so that one of the admins might see it (@Ian) He is often on sometimes. If its a bad thing, just report it and maybe the The Hopscotch Team will see it.


Okay, thanks @Berrymelon!


Just interested about this post.... it depends on what sort of inappropriate thing it is....


If it's very inappropriate, email the Hopscotch Team as they'll see your email sooner.

@Berrymelon great suggestion for the forum but I think the Hopscotch Team will be able to deal with it faster if you email them and also so inappropriate content won't have to be shown to anyone else :smiley:


Good question. If something isn't okay for kids (being mindful there are kids who could be as young as 6 on Hopscotch) then it should be reported and if you feel that it must be removed immediately, then email the Hopscotch Team.

You can email the Hopscotch Team about projects with bad words, sharing personal info or being mean especially if the user looks like they're going to repeat that sort of behaviour. But you can email them even if the user isn't repeating it so you can make sure the project is removed.

Community safety is important :smile: Feel free to share points you're thinking about too.


Oh. I was thinking that it would be faster if you emailed the Hopscotch Team. But I always thought that @Ian was often online everyday so he'd probably see it, though. Great reply to the question, @t1_hopscotch! You always have a great answer to a question.


One time someone on hopscotch said that all the good coders were over twelve years old and that hurt my feelings


It's not appropriate for kids those age because they might not understand it but it's unlikely they would see it.


(6 years by what I mean)


ThankS for giving info about what to do @t1_hopscotch


Everyone of every age can be great coders so just report it and ignore it :smiley:


Not all good coders are over 12 years old. That may sound true just because their older but no, I do not think its true at all. I think everyone is good at everything in Hopscotch but maybe some groups of hopscotchers have a better skill than others. Still, that doesn't mean their the best. Everyone is good and is a coder in Hopscotch :smile:


Yep! We're online everyday but email is the fastest way to reach to us for stuff like inappropriate projects :smile:

Thanks for asking!


What are we supposed to email to if we see something?


If possible, before you report the project maybe take note of the user's name and title of the project. I add a screenshot sometimes as well to show what was inappropriate. You don't have to add a screenshot and of course you can delete it afterwards.


There's this hopscotcher who has posted some projects talking about the lies and irony and hypocrites on hopscotch and all of it is not true but the stuff he says is mean and he points fingers at some popular hopscotchers and says they are selfish or a bad coder ect. I have reported one of their projects already. I think it is someone who has created a second account for this purpose to do it anonymously.


That sounds awful :( It might make things a little easier if you email the Hopscotch Team with a screenshot of the account or link to a project from the account so the Hopscotch Team can track their behaviour and activity better.


Ok, thank you! I will do it when I have time.


@HoppingBanana email them at or
I recommend not going through the hopscotch app since I find those don't usually send. Just go to your email app or website. Ian or Liza usually respond. You should receive an auto reply message if it goes through.