Projects using the wait til timestamp block



This topic is for sharing projects using the new wait til timestamp block.

Wait, the what block?

Yesterday, I discovered a new block (new meaning added since summer 2017) called wait til time stamp. It’s type thingy is 19, if you want to use it. When it’s has a parameter (the exact same as a regular wait block), it looks like a blue block that says " milliseconds" followed by a number bubble. Today, COAN and I figured out how it works. It basically takes a Unix timestamp (with three zeroes added because it’s milliseconds, not seconds) and waits until then. So basically, it’s a wait until 2:00 on December 12 2030 Block if you want it to be. Or a wait until any time block.

Post your projects using it below.

How did CoaN make that clock project? (Answered)

I don’t get how it works…


What don’t you get about it?


How we are supposed to utilize it.


I don’t know.

Making clocks, adding secret features that you can use after a certain time.

Lots of uses.


Honestly that’s really true. I don’t think people would know to open a project at a certain time without a notice, and even then you could just look at the code to see what the secret inside is.

BUT, you could make a working clock with an “every second” sort of thing if you can socket variables into that time thing. o.o You would have to set it though.


How do you get this block


How do I make it? I don’t get how to use it.


:open_mouth: My mind has been blown to Africa.


You edit the json file of the project.

What I do is change a wait block in the json.

I change it from type 23 or whatever to type 19, and add til timestamp after the current description. Then I copy and paste it in the app. If you don’t see it after editing the json file, check the change color ability.

The block? See above.

You’ll figure it out.


Awesome! This is just mind-blowing. How do you find all these hidden blocks? Do you just change the numbers randomly and see what happens?


We dig into the Webplayer where there is a section called “HSBlockTrait” or something like that, and it lists all blocks and their IDS


This is amazing, I never expected anything like this to ever be done in Hopscotch!


When looking a “The webplayer”, does that mean your looking at the actual code of hopscotch? And how do you access the webplayer?


You look at the code for the Hopscotch player.

It’s in the webplayer folder of Hopscotch’s files.


I also think that it is available online. If I am correct, I think that I have the link to it somewhere on my computer.


I was baffled for a minute, I forgot about that block! Nice find.


Please say that fish block was a troll


If you do have that link could you share it here? I’m really interested in taking a look at this


Yeah it was 22.

With a fancy key.