Projects using conditional blocks are broken



A few old games are broken, mainly ones with the “Check once if” or “check with else” blocks. For example…

Also games like my game, Plant Grower 1.8 won’t work due to this.

Is this a bug? Can @Liza or someone else fix this? Thanks in advance.


And when you play plant grower 1.2, instead of normal gameplay when you tap a plant to grow, this happens:


It’s a bug that a lot of people have been experiencing. I think it’s got something to do with the app- maybe someone’s in THT accidently messed something up while adding the Halloween characters that made the projects not work. You should email them.
Or tag them here.

@Ana, @Lisa, @Rodrigo, anyone know why this is happening?


I heard someone is working on it
(Thank goodness)


And yes, any one them ( @Rodrigo @Liza and @Ana ), can you work on it? Or, if what I heard is true, thank you.


It should be fixed now.


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Was that a server-side fix? Because, I don’t see any Hopscotch update (at least not in the Swedish App Store).


Awesomeonion rolled back the webplayer to a prior version. Updates to the webplayer are pushed to devices without an app update (that’s also why Hopscotch “broke” without updating the app)


Okay, I understand. Thank you for clearing this up, at least for me!


Somebody else had a bug like this, I think it was @TheCMStudios
It’s weird.


It’s fixed, so glad