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So, you might know me, you might not, I don't care. If you DO know me, I mostly do art, which is ok, I guess. Of course I have a few tests with code, but I want to do something else rather than art. But I'm not sure what I might find a new talent at. Games? Pixel art? Websites? Text art? Trail art? Movies? Music?
Here is a list of a few things I like doing and I understand.
-Leave a trail
-Music blocks
-Some values. (Such as drawing pads. Actually, that's the only way I know how to use values XD)

Yeah. What should I make?


Marshal marshal marshal do marshal


Wait, is Marshall your squirrel thingy? He's cute :3 I will do it now :slight_smile: anything else I should make?


Announce the art club members!


Oh yeah :sweat_smile:

oops I'm really late XD

I will do it...


Btw........ur art improved sooooooo much. And u got more and more likes ! XD


Yah. Dat be true... But I want to be known as a CODER, not an artist, but then I don't code as much as I do art, so....


Hallo? Ideas anyone?


maybe make a pixel art dedicated to your fav book/film or something @PandaBlossom


The problem is... I don't really watch films. Or I could do a pixel art of PJ... But I've never done pixel art in mah life. Let's see how it goes!


It will be good to try a new thing if you havent done pixel art before! Do it of whatever u like but something that is special to you


Yeah! I'm going to try and make a pixel art without any help! Wish me luck!

not really xD


Hallo! (Wie geht's? :wink:) I noticed that...!