Projects get randomly stuck in the filter


So some people are affected with this bug where you can publish projects, but they don’t go public. And I can assure you it isn’t the filter. If projects with one text block saying “Is anyone there?” doesn’t go through, then there’s a bit of an issue. I can use my phone or my mother’s iPad but both of those are slow so I pretty much just look at projects and do junk in the drafts. Anyone know how this can be solved?


I don’t know…
But you can make an alt account and log into that to see if your projects go public.
@moderators, @trust_level_4, any clue?


How do you know they don’t go through? And when was the account created?

New accounts have limited projects, and you can test if projects are stuck by liking them and seeing if they show up on favorites


Like, around September this year and the other in 2016… they use to publish stuffz.
Oh, I use multiple accounts (I’m STVH and Rawrbear in disguise) and by switching all the time, I don’t see the projects or I like my own project and I don’t see it in favorites.


yeh i think when one of my biger projects was first posted it got stuck


Minigames 2 (0.2) got stuck at first, but it was due to translation of the word “black” in the instructions.


Well @DonnyTheHusky, I have a solution

  1. Is the account new? New accounts can only post 13 projects, and if you try to post again it won’t show up.
  2. Talk to Cassie on hopscotch, all her projects disappeared.
    This never happened to me, so I’m not sure:)

My Project, Flight of the Turkey, has also been randomly stuck and I have no idea what caused it. @awesomeonion @Liza @Ana @Rodrigo Apologies if it is a little off the original scenario, but it was randomly stuck in the filter


Hey hey! The project should show as published now.


thank you


So guys, the solution is probably my ipad which is new but it’s been having issues. I’ve definitely posted projects on my main, my secondary and a few random abandoned accounts. By liking my own projects, they don’t show up.


How long have you been using HS for


Idk like, since 2014? Around the middle of the year… but I’ve switch accounts so many times.