Projects for intellection74/collab [INTY, DONT LOOK]


Hey guys!

Intellection74 does so much for our community, she deserves a collab for her!

This isn't going to be a regular collaboration, instead of all working on one project, we will each make our own project for intellection and then make a big topic for all of them.

If you don't/can't code at the moment, you can give me a message from you to put into our big topic. You can just type the message here, and I'll copy and paste it.

You could also make a "card" on hopscotch, or on any photo editing app and post the picture here.

If you have any other ideas for things you could do for Intellection74, let me know.

The big topic will consist of messages, games, photos, links, all that.

Anyone can join, I'm accepting unlimited people. Just fill out the form below so I can get a sense of who's making what!

HS username:
What you're making (card,game,message,etc):

After a few people join, we can discuss a due date for the projects.

I really want this to be a success, please only join if you know that you can/will make a project/card/message/etc.

Note: I might not respond to you, but your in. Everyone is automatically in!

People in:









Cool, you're in!


Me will get started


Message :D


You're in also!

Everybody is in, so even if I don't respond to you, you're still in.



Should i make it HS?? And what should it say?


I don't know im putting inty is awesome


You can just type it here, or put it into a project. I'll either put the project link or copy and paste it into the topic.

It's up to you!



What's her HS name?? Last question I promise XD


YEY! I was looking for collabs XD


HS Username: EnchantedHopscotcher
What are you making? Most likely a trail art project :D


You're in!


Okey, thanks :D


Can I still enter a message?


Yah, anyone can still join!