Projects By HopscotchRemixer(New And Upcoming)


So @HopscotchRemixer are you working on anything at the moment?


I a, yurrently revivising my donut pixel art so it uses less hues


Oh do you need any help?


No, I am experienced enough by myself


Oh ok well um Good Luck! Keep us updated on your progress!


I have decided to make a new game based off of one of the pixel arts.


Oh what’s the game gonna be?


It’s a secret…but has to do with one of the pixel arts I am making


Oh ok, cool! Can’t wait to know what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh my gosh I actually worked on my pixel art, like 5 pixels


Wowza dats uhmaze-n!


@HopscotchRemixer did you figure out the pixel art thing?


Yeah. I was wondering if I should change the darker pink to like brown

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