Projects By HopscotchRemixer(New And Upcoming)


Base off the topic that @MyPi has

So basically, I will post my new projects here and also release dates for my new projects.
Currently Working On:
-Boss Fight v1 (Finally out of Beta)
-Business Tycoon (In Development)
-Potato Farm v1.2 (Just released publicly)

-Secret Game

Trail Art:
None Currently

Pixel Art:
-Donut Pixel Art 1350/2500 Pixels Done
-Pluto Pixel Art 0/2500 Pixels Done
-Gible Pixel Art 0/2500 Pixels Done
-Undertale Pixel Art 0/2500 Pixels Done
-Ravenclaw Pixel Art 0/2500 Pixels Done

Earthquake Game- (In Devolpment With @AHappyCoder and @Yusamac205)

@TheCoders @POMTL


Oh nice! I am now watching this topic! Can’t wait to see your next projects :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice. I will watch some anime and find a good part to trail art.


I will try to keep this updated as a tracker so you guys know what I am working on


Okay sounds cool, and is your potato farm game finished?


For the most part it is but I might add some new content if people want it. Also bug fixes


Nice! The game looks awesome by the way!
XD I got to a part in the game where I was making 200k+ in a second!


Cool! I was hoping to make a game that wasn’t just a tapper game, but you had to tap certain parts of the screen to get income. And then Gobli told me to make a potato game, and so Potato Farm was born. It went through like something ridiculous of like 2 months of beta testing


Sounds great!


Yeah, hope you enjoy my projects…


Should I link the current projects that are released?


Yeah, I think that is a good idea.
Maybe keep them in like an ongoing reply or just add it to the topic and keep updating it.


Well I put it on Global Edit so I can keep editing it


Ok. I linked the current version of potato farm. version 1.2 is in development


Wut happened to business Tycon?. <lemefillingalscaoossxcdsssxxSTOOP*>


It is up there, I just have pixel arts to do before I work on it


Ok, I worked a little bit on the pixel art today


This is so cool! Oh wait that is me


The pixel art will probably be the death of me


No, don’t die.