Projectiles... I need help!



I want to use a omnidirectional projectiles in my fighting game! Could anyone help me?


You can set an angle for a projectile, make it visible,move forwards ?
Make invisible when it hits an enemy or anything. Then set it's position back to where you want it starting from . Like the players hand etc.


Also, I would like to have the movement of the snake sync with its direction it's facing...


If you don't mind me asking, there are a few details in your question that I would like to ask about. The first one has to do with your use of the term "omnidirectional". I think I understand from what you've said that you want to be able to fire or emit projectiles from a central point in all directions. Is that correct? And if it is correct, do you have a specific number of projectiles in mind to be fired at a time? The small confusion for me is that, in order to be truly omnidirectional, A "projectile" would have to be in expanding ring from its point of origin. But I don't think that's really what you have in mind.

Also, it might be helpful to generate some good ideas, if you could describe how you envision these projectiles emerging from your point of origin. Do they emerge, several at a time? Is there some pattern to their direction? Or might the direction be random? See where I am trying to go with this? I have, in fact, created a method for firing many projectiles from a single point of origin in random directions. That method involves clones. But I don't know if you want to mess with something like that. Few people do.

Anything that you can share about how you envision your projectile pattern and quantity might be useful to others who could volunteer a helpful suggestion. Even a picture, simply sketched on a piece of paper to show what you had in mind might be helpful. Not sure...


Okay. In my mind, omnidirectional meant that it could go in any direction. And also I just want a singular shot. I've almost worked it out but my projectiles are just falling down or not moving at all...


It also should just point in the direction your character is facing. Thank you!