Project Uploading should now be about 3x faster


Just pushed out a fix to the server that should make publishing significantly faster. Especially for large projects.

Please let me know if you experience any problems!

  • Samantha


Awesome! Thank you!

This really has been an issue for my younger brother and I, since some of the projects we had tried to upload in the past gave us the “whomp” or had taken forever

Also, loading large projects in drafts seems to be extremely slow for us, I wonder if this update will help with that


That is awesome @awesomeonion! Increased performance is always great, both to decrease the chance of errors and to make sure to keep up with following updates :slight_smile:
Does this apply to all Hopscotch versions or only the latest one? (is this an in-app code change or is it a “server change” basically.)


It’s probably a server change, I don’t see any updates in the app store yet
Wow! This is pretty sweet


This is a great improvement


Yay this is great thanks @awesomeonion yo da best😊


This is a great improvement!
Thank you, @awesomeonion


Does this mean I can publish my project, that I can’t publish?
(I have already emailed Liza, and got a response. She said she would look at it, but that was last Tuesday)


Please try it! Fingers crossed


I’m about to post a YouTube project :crossed_fingers:t4: It has over 4000 lines of code


I stilll can’t upload :frowning:️ Maybe I should try later


Oh cool thanks! This awesome!


You can email it to Liza and I’ll take a look. What does a YouTube project


Maybe a project Frenchwave made, and they are posting on YouTube?


Frenchwave makes these projects where there are image s making a YouTube video.

Let me find s link to one


Awesome :ok_hand:
I’ll make a big project in April.


My screen☹️


Could you add more context on this? i.e. what’s the project, what were you
doing, etc. There is a bug where when you open a project and quickly go
from edit to play you sometimes get a white screen like this, the trick is
to stay on the editor for a little bit.

I am actually looking into it more this week, it’s one of our worst bugs.


Ok thanks for the help @awesomeonion i really appreciate it😀
The project uses a set image block to display 24 FPS videos in this new version I am trying to post 8 videos are included each an average of 20 seconds each the code looks a bit like this:


how big are the images? If you email Liza she can give you steps to send us your ipad data and we can look into what else needs to be speeded up for this to work.