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Many of us have heard about what happened to choco-la-ta-ta-ta~ recently. I was thinking we could start a trend where we make projects for her- code, art, music, anything- to help support her as she gets through a very tough time.

Don't know what happened? Click here.

Title your project with "#YouCanDoItMi, and reply here with a link.

This was just an idea of mine, nothing official.

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I think this is a very nice idea :slight_smile: I heard about what happened, it's so sad :cry:


This is a great thing to do. Choco-la-Ta-Ta-ta-Ta~ must be having a really tough time :cry:


This is a nice topic, and I hope Mi gets better. I think XiaoMiaoMi already made a topic for this though, and mass tag lists aren't allowed anymore.


No, this is the friendly mass tag list, which was approved by BuildASnowman.


Oh no! This is so sad:(


@XiaoMiaoMi we have another charity!
Thanks, guys!


oh no this is terrible