Project Stealing Bug?


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username:I Shall Not Be Named

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air

1 sentence description of the problem In my activity tab, I saw people remix my projects, but when I go to them on their profiles and on the browsing tabs it doesn't show up as if it's remixed, it also doesn't show up on my remixed tab.

I expected this to happen: The project would show up as remixed.

But instead this happened: It looks as if they made it on their own.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
Original Project:

Stolen Project:

Also, the code looks exactly the same, except they changed the credits.


I can't believe they would do that! This needs to be fixed ;0


How do you fill it out? (Sorry I'm still not smart​:laughing:)


Fill what out?


Like, the template? I've seen other people do it and I want to


I find it pretty easy to believe. It's happened a lot of times before this.


Oh, okay. You make a topic, and select the bugs category, It'll automatically give you the template.


It so annoying tho. People stealing projects... :0


IDK how to. I'm VERYDUMB


When you make a topic, you have to choose between the categories help with code, collabs, and bugs.
You just choose bugs before doing anything else.


I know people do that to everyone now. I dislike it but like it too. People can steal projects but if you lose your old account or make a new one you'll never lose your projects.


Oh okay thanks(your da bomb)


You're welcome :)


You should have to request to the user your trying to steal it from for permission and it shows up in activity.


Yeah. It's a glitch that has been around for a while. I think THT is aware of it and probably trying to fix it :slight_smile:


True, but I think there's a specific way to make it happen, I've seen people use it to their advantage. If any of us do figure it out, we shouldn't post it on the forum though, we should email THT.


I moved this into lounge so new users wouldn't see it and abuse the glitch themselves. :slight_smile:


Thanks. You're right.


I know, I heard that happened to some Hopscotchers


I emmailed tht with a full how to. They should be fixing it.