Project Snippet- Forum Game!


So, this is a game where you have to identify projects based on just a tiny portion of it. It's basically to test your project knowledge, both of recent projects and classic ones.

An example:
Person 1-
Person 2- That's Doodle Jump 2.0 by @Bananadog!
Person 1- Correctamundo! (Or, you know, however you want to convey the fact that they are right.)

If you're off by a bit, like a version number, it's still correct, as you can't tell some things based off a tiny screenshot.

An example of what NOT to do:
Person 1-

That shows the whole project and is way too obvious.
Don't go to the other extreme either, just showing a background color with no distinct features at all.

When you guess, reply to that person and say the title of the project and the person who made it.

Please don't choose projects that aren't very well known, but if you do, give a title keyword as a hint.
If a person asks for a keyword after several failed guesses, please give it to them.

So, that's the game! Have fun! :D


First reply! c:


Oh I just realized that's my project (the taco) XD

This is an awesome game idea! :DD


Isn't that 'Whale' (it might have an exclamation mark too but idk XD) by you? :DD

I love that project! :3




Lemme go look up another one. XD


Thanks @Maltese! And yep, the taco is yours. XD

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Okay XD


No, thank you! XD


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Awesome topic!


What about this


I know that one! It's like a park with a lake a wall and a fountain! I forget the project name


"In The Garden" by @SuperGirl3Acer?
And thanks! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes project whale!


It's my project whale. :>


Correct! Have a cookie!:cookie:
gices cookie
Thank you for making this topic!


Oh I kinda forget, because I remember that @SmilingSnowflakes did animals


I'll take a screenshot of a project in a second :DD

ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ: pls make it be a snippet of a food project so I can eat it k thx

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No Lerry! Stop it!

Thank you both for the cookie and the enjoyment of this topic!


There :DD


"Character" by @Intellection74!
I was just about to do that one, honestly. XD