Project runs faster when entered in editor bug

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: WolfCreations

What kind of device are you using?: IPad 7,5

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I entered an editor of bear’s adventure, played and the project sped up

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time: I don’t know if it is reproducible at all

  1. Go in an editor
  2. Play the project

I expected this to happen: THe project at normal speed

But instead this happened: The project was like ZOOM

Here’s a sweet screenshot: Not available


framerate glitch

Framerate glitch?

Exit the project and open it again. Before you open it, check your internet connection as this as caused issues like this before


yes, simple fix


Oh ok

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a heads up, might wanna make sure a bug is consistently reproducible before making a topic for it

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It occurs, but not so that it is reproducible, enough so that it makes me explaode

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This is so weird! :confused:

so it’s not consistently reproducible

if I’m correct a topic has been made about this, I can’t find it—@awesome_e?

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I call it the frame glitch. While it’s cool sometimes, it can be annoying. The easy fix is to exit and re-enter the project.

@Nobody nope, this is the first topic I’ve seen on this one.


If it happens once, it’ll happen again. Just because the bug only happens once in a while doesn’t mean it isn’t worth fixing.
Imagine if the developers of the OS you use were like “hey, I was working on our OS, and I realized that sometimes our page swapping algorithm doesn’t work all the time. But with all the pages and the infrequency with which it happens, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.” If they did that, at some point your I/O times would be basically infinite (resulting in a ton of lost memory and your programs couldn’t run. Basically, your computer would be useless)

Bugs, no matter how small, are important to fix.

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To fix it is simple, but if you had edited a published project in a big way and left without remixing it, it will reset the work you put in it

Then save the project to your drafts.

I’ve actually found a way to reproduce this consistently before, but I’d have to check if that is still true now.

yes, but this would be very low priority since it’s very inconsistent and doesn’t happen on 90+ percent of plays and mostly on large projects

also there’s a difference between a glitch (one time thing that you can’t reproduce) and a bug (pretty consistently reproducible)


Yes, but a bug can cause a glitch, and we don’t know which one this is. Just because it happens rarely doesn’t make it not a bug.
But yes, it is low priority. I didn’t say it wasn’t, I was just saying that the making of this topic was justified.

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So everything just happens super fast?

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Yeah, and you lose control


Yes, up to 120 FPS

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