Project Requests?!




This is forum only - I won't be doing this in app! This will be exclusive! :smile:

So, anyone have any projects you want me to make? It can be anything, from a logo to a game, or a test of some sort! I don't care if it's too simple or too complex - as long as it's not a drawing pad! I don't like making those... :P

So yeah! :smile:


How about a iPad! Or hopscotch in hopspctch!


A cool RPG game where you can make choices that affect the story,


Agent Potato


The complete Halo Master Chief Set, but using periods only for pixels! (Completely made out of pixels)


Oh my gosh so it's a tv show about a group of potatoes who hacks hopscotch and wants hugs!


Oh my gosh... Thank you!! Making now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you make a game like The Sequence?
There's a few walkthroughs if you can't buy it, though if not, here!:
[the Sequence] by Maxim Urusov

I can already tell lots of people will get stuck on this. :sunglasses:
There's a free demo version on android though, and it has no ads, so if you have an android device, you can get it and make the demo in HS.


-Has Windows, Android and Apple devices- :sunglasses:


What does RPG stand for? Is it role play something


role playing game. Like a story RP, but not a story. Well, google it xD


How about the game 'Merged?' I don't know if you've heard of it, but look it up on the App Store. Its very simple but yet clever


Ok, thanks! Thats all I needed to know


You are an ant and you must escap the house. (Maybe you can try doing it in first person)


Could you make like a candy crush type game? I know that would probably be really complicated (You dont have to actually make it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Currently, I'm halfway done with Agent Potato! :wink:


@Fishyguitars - 3/4ths done with Agent Potato! I'll release it with three other projects! :smile:


I think I'm going to delay Agent Potato for a bit. Any more project requests?!


Ok @Rawrbear can you do a logo or a shoutout or both for me? I like Undertale and Pokemon so you can have a first sitting on a poke all ? xD ok just something Pokemon related


Well, no offense, but I only do shoutouts to people that I feel do more innovative stuff! Try making more real projects (like games or art) than remixes, and if I really like your stuff, I'll feel like giving you a shoutout! :wink: