Project permission


@Liza are we aloud to make a game that revolves around religion? I want to make a huge Christian game for Christmas.

Thank you, for your consideration and thought!
If we are aloud to make games like that already, I'm sorry I don't already know about that rule.


You're allowed to make religious projects, yes


Yeah, definitely! Im not Liza but we aren't in a condition so bad that would restrict us from making Christmas projects.


I know but it wouldn't really be like just Christmas, I am going to put the actual story in there, like a book almost


Or a movie I'm not sure yet.


Perfectly fine! Unless it has to do with superiority and violence/profanity, you are welcome to post any christmas related projects!


Ok thank you :slight_smile: I just wanted to be sure


It's fine, has long has you don't say anything rude about other religions, and let any people of any religion talk about the project!

Basically , don't exclude anyone!