Project of the month


Im doing project of the month again this month
Nominate projects here
The topics are art, games, backgrounds and other.


How about the game 2048 by t1?


Can you please send me the link


I would like to nominate Draw and Play!!! by Axolotl. I don't know how to end a link though


I meant send a link, sorry.


'eres da link @DragonLover975


Please don't do project of the months. Some people will feel bad if they work hard and their projects aren't mentioned. You can mention their project like "OH MY GOSH THE RAP POTATO BY SALADGOD IS AWESOME!!" But it would be best not to single out projects. Not in a bad way. Do you get what I'm saying?


I agree with @PopTart0219 that having a project of the month might upset other users if only a small group of people got the award each month. Though still a great idea!:tangerine::ramen:




Here's the link
2048 by t1


I don't agree, sorry (and to everyone who reads this please don't make a big fit about it, it's just pixels and that's a important quote)


( it should be project of year) I think there now should be one just the winners are everyone, you pin point some awesome projects made in the past year but everyone is a winner


I really like THE AVA SHOW