Project not showing up? Illuminati

I published this but only I can see it. :confused: it's a illuminati conspiracy for @MagmaPOP, B ut what can I do so that the public can see it?
P.S. Whenever I do a illuminati conspiracy they do not show up.
(Only the book version works, but the ones like Mobcraft did aren't showing up)

Me too!! :frowning:
Also, search before you ask. I made the same type of topic.


Ran out of likes here, so :yellow_heart:


Wow.... 5 times better than my @MagmaPOP conspiracy! :sweat_smile: Nice job!!


MagmaPOP if you see this I don't believe you involved in illuminati


I might've done it.... :smirk:


You're magmapop?m F4LO?! Of Cora not


Pft . Illuminati.

WHAT IS WITH THE STUPID ILLUMINATI STUFF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:rage:


I don't know

Maybe a weird glitch idk

Oh wait am I too late?


Yeah ur too late sorry maybe next time


Ehh maybe


yeah you are