Project loading issues


Project loading issue

Your username: TheCMStudios

What kind of device are you using?: iPhone 6s

1 sentence description of the problem I’ve been getting reports of my projects not loading for people

Open this project and let me know if it doesn’t load for you



yeah, I’ve tried to play Save It All 3 v1.0 on my iPhone, but it was stuck on the loading screen.


Yeah, I’m on an iPhone 5s I think and it won’t work. Same on the iPad. I have no idea what model that is.


I’ve tried it on a iPhone 5c and it didn’t work


It doesn’t load for me either on an iPad Air 2 with the 2rd latest version of Hopscotch installed. It worked amazing on the web player when I tried the project out on my computer, which is a Toshiba laptop with Windows 10, if you need to know that.


What device are you using?


iPhone 6.


It won’t work with me. I am using an iPad something something. I don’t keep track of those things.


It won’t load I’m using a iPad Air


Somehow the window I had the forum open on was on the Hopscotch website with your project on the screen. I played it and it worked fine. I think a galactic background would make it look better, though. The start screen is fine with the green. I like the slightly offset shadow on the text and stuff. The settings tab won’t open.


I tried a space looking background and it just didn’t look to good with the text and button designs, also settings tab will be in the update I’m working on right now, hopefully I can get it done and out today.
Also you used the web player version, web player works


I have no idea how I got to the web player version.


It won’t load on my iPad Air Two…-.


It happens with me too
What is the problem
I’m using an IPad mini 3


Tap and hold the link, a menu will pop up, click open in new tab, and it will take you to the game but on the website version


Can you help me with my problem


I don’t know what the issue is, I have sent an email to THT explaining the issue


Never mind I played on the web


Sadly the website version doesn’t support images and the most recent updated emojis




Yeah that’s exactly what happened to me