Project links from hopsoctch



Hi guys,
Whenever I post a link to a hopscotch project, I want it to show its thumbnail, like this

But sometimes when I post a link, it just has a bunch of turquoise letters
They both work, but I still want it to show up like that :point_up_2:
Is there a way to do it?
Thank you
Credit to stal98 for the photo


Well I think you should just give a couple spaces lower? Idk


Mmake sure it’s on its own seperate line.
Like this.


Like @IShallNotBeNamed said, make sure to put each link on one separate line. Sometimes, you also have to wait a couple of seconds for the link to display in a “box”. This is called “link oneboxing”, by the way. There is more information about it here:


Thanks everyone!
@IShallNotBeNamed @William04GamerA @Jordan
It really helped me!


I´m just happy to help and I´m glad that this was helpful.


I actually was wondering this too, because so many people have been telling me to do this, and I had no clue what it meant!


If there is a space between the start of the line and the text it doesn’t work