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My JSON extractor worked, but indicated on a possible mix/confusion with a project by Thunderguy77 that I also had indexed. I used the @Petrichor “Hopscotchprojects Amazon AWS S3” method for this one:

The JSON can be found at: and also


Well, I don’t understand everything :sweat_smile:

Also, what libraries do you need to know to make a json reader like this?


Only BeautifulSoup. Gzip (for file compression) should be built-in when you install Python. You also need the Requests library, which may or may not have to be installed. The JSON data is found in the source code of every page with the web player on it. You just need BeautifulSoup to extract those values.

Edit: I thought that you asked about the required libraries and not which you needed to learn. Well, all of the libraries mentioned above is pretty easy to learn.


Does anybody know if this JSON line:
(OTHER JSON),“iphone_user”:false,“nickname”:“Thunderguy77⚡️”},“user_id”:1849018,“original_user”:{“id”:“1849018”,“avatar_type”:23,“created_at”:“February 2016”,“iphone_user”:false,“nickname”:“Thunderguy77⚡️”},“remote_asset_urls”:[]}
changes everytime that somebody visits the project, or contains data about how the user´s account was when the project was created?


Is the project old?


At least a few months old. It is just used as an example project for my upcoming JSON reader, so I don´t really know that.


i’m 98% sure it doesnt change


Cool! That’s kind of what I wanted to hear actually.


This is my upcoming WebJSON web interface. It´s basically an advanced web JSON reader that doesn´t require any computer or iTunes. Just a project ID (the last part of the website link to Hopscotch projects).

Here are some screenshots:

Another screenshot:

More features and data will be added soon (some features that are completed/in progress are not shared yet).
Please tell me what you think!
@CreationsOfaNoob @ThinBuffalo @BB-Box @memorablechickenyay @BlastFusion
(sorry if anyone of you didn´t want to be tagged).


It looks really cool! Is that flas k?


Yes. it is made using Flas k.


css plx
ok but seriously thats cool. does it have a webplayer?


Not yet, but I think that it isn´t too hard to implement it. I will try to do it! And some CSS will also be added, but I actually like the current minimalistic look.


you can probably just copy-paste code if u need to idk


Do you mean CSS code? Or the webplayer code?




Hi! I wanted to update you on my upcoming JSON reader. The webplayer seems a bit hard to implement though @memorablechickenyay.

My upcoming web JSON reader is made to be easy to understand and use and also unique. You can search for a project by its link. That will make a request from the application to Hopscotch´s servers (the same link as you use when you share links to projects). The project gets indexed (kind of like what Google does, it saves project data to a text file). Right now, like data and the current remix count is saved. When somebody searches for the project again, it gets indexed, but you can also explore the old data so that you can see how the project´s likes and remix count changed over time. Here is a screenshot featuring @BB-Box´s Fishing Game:

“Data not available” is, in this case, data from files when these functions weren´t implemented.

If you´d search for a Hopscotch username, you will get a list of all indexed projects on the server from that user, like this:

Each project name is a clickable link that will index the requested project and then show you its information.

Now, I have to ask THT if I am allowed to deploy this to a cloud server or not. I am also going to implement more functions and features.

Any more thoughts?


That looks really cool!

How are you able to get the user projects data?


I’d probably have the program search for hopscotchers, find the one who’s name matches the search, get that user id, then get the published projects and display them.


So this is essentially a web clone of the old iPhone app but better
i like it