Project JSON modification — Topic


open them in Atom, Sublime, Notepad, or whatever
on Windows, right click -> open with
please dont use notepad
you can rename them if you want. The extensim means absolutely nothing, just tells the system what types of programs open the file by default.


Doesn’t work as those apps doesn’t support .hopscotch files, which isn’t weird.


you can rename it to .json


Aha, thx


It seems like you solved it, but as long as you have the project link, it is super easy. @t1_hopscotch also made an open-source Hopscotch Project JSON Extractor if you want to use that. I´ve also made one myself.


You’re doing something wrong. Even 1mb is too big for a regular HS file.


Any program that can read text files should be able to read it, it’s technically just raw text.


Yeah. As I got the output from the HTML source code and then saved it as .json, something must have gotten wrong there.


he has a draft


do they have a CDN or something haha


They must have some kind of compression. I can´t paste all the JSON to (almost) any website.


I’d assume its some kind of compressed file (tarball, gzip, rar) and its uncompressed once downloaded. that might be why it’s fast to download


I tried that, but it didn’t work suddenly…


Should I try mine? It´s not live yet though.


Yes, they gzip the files.

Also, the server won’t accept files over some limit that’s around 5MB


Good to know. I also figured out why I got a MemoryError: it wasn´t because of the JSON, it was because of my HTML-parser BeautifulSoup4 that couldn´t remove the HTML tags from such a huge amount of data.




Sure! I need a project link though and like @t1_hopscotch 's extractor, you need to have the project published so that it can be opened through the web player.


Test my latest project.


Sure! As soon as I get on my computer.