Project JSON modification — Topic


Ouch. You should clean it up a little :)



I can still navigate easily through it, and every object is necessary.


There is an object scale parameter, I believe, in the JSON data. I wonder if it’s changed.


Haha! This topic helped a lot!
My younger brother and I had to do this on one of our projects on SuperMarioMiniGames that’ll soon be released


Yes, i’ve played a little with that. The annoying thing about the bug is that not only do the projects now look different, but bumps doesn’t work the same.


Yep. I understand the frustration. The first “big” project I made quit working when the next iOS update came out (due to emojis being slightly different which introduced a bug in one of the project’s When Bumps rules)

However, I wonder if there might be an analogy to, say, iOS developers (like THT). If an app was designed for iOS 6.x (for example), it may not work correctly on iOS 11.x. I’ve a couple really old apps on my iPhone where the OS warns me “The developer needs to update this application” (paraphrased).

In much the same way, the Hopscotch Player is the OS for Hopscotch projects and perhaps we, as Hopscotch “developers”, should expect to need to update projects over time as the platform changes if we want the projects to remain relevant.


Hmmm. Many hops don’t have access to updating their projects due to them not accessing the JSON. Anyways I wonder if the ‘this app may crash your device. The developer needs to update it’ is related to what you’re talking about.


Those apps (32-bit) are no longer supported on iOS 11 or newer.


I get that warning on iOS 10 though.


Yep. It was warning people that support for such apps would be dropped soon


as of i think ios 7+, iOS has been 64-bit (old ipods and iphones are 32-bit, therefore only supporting iOS 6.x)

They officially dropped all support for 32-bit apps now. Most apps wont be a problem, if they are in Swift, or made since iOS 7 came out


anythinf interesting i cant do with normal blocks bc im too lazy to scroll thru 51 posts?


You can change the size of the stage, add images without the subscription (won’t upload to the servers though), delete variables, use the new scenes feature but you won’t be able to look at the stage of the other scenes.


I think that dropping 32 GB may have been a marketing benefit apple used so that buyers were forced to have a harder decision on what to pick - the moral dilemma was more intense. 16 GB which is rather not much, or 64 BG which is too much, and buyers mostly like to have more storage so apple make more money.


@memorablechickenyay was not talking about storage options, but 32 and 64 “bit”, (not to be confused with byte). It’s basically the way the computer processor handles the information. 64 bit is a newer and more efficient method.


64 bit can represent things with up to 64 binary digits,but 32 bit can only use 32… it is doubled for more precision.


how do i change “original_user”?
i mean, how do i get the user id of players?


wait, i found it…


as in to… get rid of the remix tag??


i tried to do it, but it still shows up as “creations of a noob” even though i copy-pasted data from another project for the original project.
i don’t know how to load in the JSON.