Project JSON modification — Topic


Uhhh, I don’t think so. You need that app to convert the “.tx t” file into a “.hopscotch” one

If you find website that does that, cool!


That’s annoying. Oh well…


It’s possible.

Ideally: Notepad++ and iTunes file transfer
Works: Text editor somewhere like and file storage app
Not ideal: Finds a way to get text from JSON using only files app, edit using, then edit it back in


I found a way to simply edit JSON from the iPad in less than 2 minutes. It’s really easy, quick, and doesn’t require an internet connection. Though, you must not be intimidated by unformatted JSON files since this doesn’t use a “beautifier”, because you don’t need one. If anyone wants me to share this method, please tag me.


Yes Please! @XAMANION


@MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE So with this method, you need an application where you can import files and view them as text. I use the app “Documents by Readdle” which I recommend getting as its uselful for more than hopscotch, or you can find a json file viewer that won’t lag online. In the hopscotch project, set a wait block to a unique number (1111111 will work for example) and close the app. Go into the IOS Apple app “Files” and find json_projects in the hopscotch folder. Tap and hold the file with the most recent time (the one you just opened on hopscotch) and tap “share”, then “open in documents”. Once you’re in Documents, use the find/search bar to find the number you set your wait block to, in this case 111111. It will take you to that location, and you can start editing the file. Change the first instance of “type” in the same line but after the 111111 to

  • 19 for WaitTilTimeStamp
  • 55 for destroy object
  • 53 for instant cloning

(Idk what else, but there are others. What do you need to edit JSON for?)

Then, change the name of your new block by editing the text after “key” or “description”. When your done, tap “Documents” to save your edited file and reach the home page. Tap the three dots on the file you just edited, tap “share”, tap “save to files”, choose the json_projects folder and tap “replace” to replace the old project with the edited JSON. Hope this helped


You can still prettify with and validate with that too. It’s very simple - paste there, validate, copy


@Awesome_E Only if you have internet. And what’s the point of “prettifying” if you know what to do? Also, for the website I was able to paste in my json file, but couldn’t search and directly get to the blocks I wanted to edit. It doesn’t have a “find” option.
Does it?


Yes, but you can’t collapse sets without prettifying it


@Awesome_E Yes But can you search the text?


Yes but I like seeing an overview sometimes


@Awesome_E How do you search?


Ctrl+F? Why do you ask? (I use Notepad++ on PC but I prettify it when I add entire blocks with parameters where indenting helps a lot)


@Awesome_E Boi I’m talking about using only the iPad an you’re bringing your PC business here…


Awesome, thank you so much for sharing this method!