Project JSON modification — Topic


Then objects can’t be accessed

(That’s what I thought)


I love the concept of scenes! I might actually make this as my weekly mod for this week. I hope to see more mods by all of you.


I noticed that the image doesn’t show the project in full screen. Is it because the project was originally made on an iPhone, or does that happen if you edit the JSON like you did? I am just wondering.


That was just an iPad in landscape orientation. I wish the app would use the full width but, as I recall, it was done this way to allow some commonality between the iPad and iPhone apps to reduce development costs.




Isn’t that just a project created in portrait mode? Because I see that the grid is the normal size and the aspect ratio matches that of the iPad.


You’re right, that project was created in portrait mode. I misinterpreted @William04GamerA’s question, thinking he meant why wasn’t the Editor stretched to the full width of the iPad.

Good catch.


Yeah, with “is the project made on an iPhone?” I meant that, but I also asked why the editor wasn’t fully stretched to the iPad width. So I technically asked both two things.


Short revive


Yeah, this should be revived! I also think that it would be cool if someone made a detailed JSON modification documentation or tutorial. That was just an idea that I got. What do you think? :slight_smile:


That would be good, and so would the old Hopscotch webplayer with 3 only 3 small gray icons on the top right. That is saved by iTunes backup AND Can be manually. In other words, you can inject the old player and get a faster experience - which I don’t have :frowning: .


Really? I did not know that this was possible! This is cool! Who did tell you that?


Myself, digging through iTunes -> Hopscotch -> WEBPLAYER

When I compared an older version to a newer one, they were different. However, the older one may not support custom abilities, depending on the structure of them

In other words, the app could run it, but the webplayer may not recognize the format. And if only I backed up 20 months ago, I’d get the old editor back :laughing:


I’ll happily make a detailed tutorial/documentation if there’s a demand for it.

@Awesome_E or anyone else, do you have an old version of the “webplayer.min.js” file?


I said I don’t… well I have one, but I can’t make out the version. I don’t think it’s a smoother version anyways

I can check my device backup though…


Make it if you want, I just think that it would be cool. I also think that more users will get information about how to do it, and that’s a good thing. If I was good at editing JSON files, I would do a tutorial/documentation for it as well.


That would be really useful instead of using variables to control. It got really annoying for me.


Check my E-Pad if you want to see that frustration on a higher scale





One thing I just saw: Old projects seem to show the Hopscotch characters smaller now than before. I’m going to report this.