Project JSON modification — Topic


Can you delete that post?


I have :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry about all this guys.


It’s fine. You have realized that you’ve made a mistake.


I just realized that you can edit JSON and add blocks from your iPad. No computer needed!


Yes you can, but it is a lot harder
I use files to copy it to Google Drive and use Notepad ++ on a PC


I don’t know, I think it’s easier if you can do it all without a computer, such as during school at lunch or whatever.


I don’t do any of that at school, but I see why you would avoid a computer


What apps do you use for that?


I am wondering that too…

Editing it is easy.
Saving it is another story. I’ll need to figure that out sorry


Aha, okay. I only think that you could do that with jailbreak or apps that could be considered as a hack. Filza is one of those. I don’t recommend anyone to try using the app as it could harm your device easily if you edit the wrong file.


Yeah I use Filza but I can’t edit the json files with it because the freezes when I open the document, iPad probs just can’t handle it


Are sure that you are on an iOS version that supports Filza?


Yeah yeah I can use filza for everything else like moving files but it just can’t open documents for some reason. Have you edited a json using filza before?


You could change it from .hopscotch to something else and edit it in pages, then change it back after it’s been edited.


Can you please try doing something like that with the Tynker app.(editing a json or other file)
If you do, please tag me with the results.


I’ll be prefectly honest with you; I never used tynker. I major in Hopscotch lol so don’t expect me to suddenly switch platforms, ok? These are the Hopscotch forums…



Here I will describe a step by step method (links included) of how to modify a project using JSON USING ONLY THE IPAD!
@CreationsOfaNoob @William04GamerA

Tap here for directions
  1. Go into the AppStore and download “FileMaster-Privacy Protection” (the icon is blue with a white “F”)
  2. Go into hopscotch and open the project you what to edit
  3. Close the project, then close the app. EXIT COMPLETELY FROM HOPSCOTCH
  4. Go to this exact website:
  5. On the top left black menu bar, tap the open-folder icon, then tap browse
  6. Now go into the folder in Files, Hopscotch > json_projects > and then tap the one with the most recent time stamp, (the one you just opened in Hopscotch)
  7. Wait for it to load up quickly, then scroll down the website and not the opened file (scroll on the edge of the screen)
  8. Below, you will find the human-readable branch-based JSON file
  9. Use Petrichor’s method to edit what you wish
  10. Tap “Download” (located right above the editable file)
  11. Copy everything on that screen (you can tap the IOS share button at the top and scroll until you see “copy”, then tap that to easily copy the ENTIRE freshly edited file
  12. Open FileMaster
  13. Go into “document”
  14. Tap anywhere
  15. Tap “New Text” from the drop down that appears
  16. Skip the file name for now (just type something)
  17. With the text file created, open the Apple default “Files” app
  18. Go to In json_projects again
  19. Tap the name of your selected project like your going to edit it
  20. Copy the entire thing
  21. Press and hold for a second the project you are editing
  22. Select “delete” from the drop-down (make sure you have duplicated your project as a backup before doing so)
  23. Go back into FileMaster
  24. Access the text file you have just created
  25. Press and hold it
  26. Select “rename”
  27. Paste in the name copied from the Files App
  28. Remove the extension at the end (I cannot write it because the forums filter blocks it, but removed the abbreviation of “text”)
  29. Add “.hopscotch” at the end of what you just pasted
  30. It should look like “zxx35jhsm.hopscotch” (this is a random name for the example)
  31. Confirm that name
  32. Open the file menu again (hold)
  33. Select “open with”
  34. Select “save to files”
  35. Choose the folder Hopscotch > json_projects
  36. Tap “add”
  37. Close all the files app
  38. Open hopscotch
  39. Open the edited project
  40. Enjoy!

Please tag me or message my GT with any questions. Thanks!


Wow, awesome! I will try that out. Super helpful :slight_smile:


Is it possible to do it without downloading an app @XAMANION? I’d love to be able to do it but I’d prefer to not download an app.