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I have been summoned from deep sleep. What do you require from me?


to work on de hopscotch for PC @K1ish

I SUMMON YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


actually we know we go to the same school even though we’ve never actually seen each other sooo… collab bro??


??? Who you talking about




Wat you go to the same school


you’ve seen me in tech mates, you weren’t here this morning though


If you want to collab im in the port every day from 7:25 am to 8:00 am, after school on tuesdays from 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm, wednesdays after school from 2:40 pm to 5:00 pm (its video production club so i might be busy babysitting my club to make sure they don’t break andys equipment)
AND every mast im in tech mates


actually i usually stay after school! my bus is super packed during the winter and probably will be from now on. if you wanna say hi to me i’ll be the kid in photoshop on the computers today. obviously i dont bring my laptop every day, but i could start bringing it if we really need to lol

im in tech mates too, havent been to a meeting in forever because of sessions (or maybe secessions? my history teacher hates me :p)

im not usually here in the mornings though, im more of a night owl anyways.


ended up going to the orchestra room with a friend actually :p sry :sweat_smile:


why does this have 2 likes
it’s a dialogue
somebody’s stalking you guys


@K1ish computer science club started today! If you see this, it’s every monday, including right now in the loft. Maybe we could work on it then since there’s gonna be certain software on the school computers, although maybe we could make a team of people here on this forum…


I was planning on going after school but I had to work on something. I will be there tomorrow after school though


Sure thing, but do you want to go to the media center instead? Honestly the Loft works too, but there’s not much we can code on those computers right now. (I guess if we’ll just be making documentation, but…)


Hey @Rawrbear and @K1ish I want to go to your school! If you do all this awesome computer stuff at school, you totally have an awesome one. I cannot move to the USA though, obviously.

Also, did you guys meet each other yet?


Ikr? o.o

Haha, we haven’t met each other yet. @K1ish if you can meet today though, I’ll be in the Port today (unless you wanna go somewhere else)


I meant the port yea


Happy birthday btw! I’ll meet you there after school. I’ll be making puns with Mr. B’s face in Photoshop, on a computer towards the wall. :+1:


Why are you putting this all over the place exactly?


I really want to help people, I know it’s SPAM and I regret doing it but I really want to help people here. Sorry :neutral_face: