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good, okay


@AwesomeNachos May I ask to elaborate what you mean by turning the play button into falafel?


You’d have to track down all blocks, abilities, referenced variables and change the UUIDs to the ones used in the new project. I was planning to create a program that copies code to another project but I’m not working on it right now.


Just don’t forget to add some cheese to the Event Loops. Makes them taske less like children’s toys. :D


So every game object has a ID??




Nah, I just buttered it out of nowhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer adding jalapeños to the event parameters, and putting the cheese on the stage size.


@Rawrbear @PeppyWafer21 Why you do dis? I am unable to concentrate on my essay for I am devoting most of my brain power to pondering the meaning of this series of definition-elusive statements.


Mamma mia, dassa spicey project! :ok_hand:


@Rawrbear I mean I understand that, but otherwise please explain what is going on.


I just added a dash of sprinkled puns. Too much would make it taste like slop though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bruh. Why? Why? Why?


Don’t forget to sprinkle some uuids and objects


It should be there. Under “title”

BTW, haven’t read the whole thread, so you guys might already have found this, but if you want to get the json file for any particular project, try this:[udid].hopscotch


I think you said that in a post in another topic a bit ago

Don’t forget to put chicken on the height.

Odd, can't find it (click for screenshot)

And it also looks like the link only lets you have access to the JSONS


Try looking for things like “name”, “data”, “project” and “likes”, maybe?


I have an idea - what if you take the JSON of an original project, then remix it, get the JSON of that remixed project and diff it? That would show you where some of the metadata is.


What json editor do you use?