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Yes, they are




By the way I’m using Google Sites @William04GamerA


Now really, the important question here is: is it possible to view these project files without opening iTunes? I can’t test because I don’t have an iPad with Hopscotch anymore. :(

I know Apple is really tight with their security though, so I’m 99% sure the data is in a different file encoding, or it’s hidden by some other admin protocol. @BuildASnowman I’m asking you because you made that piano project hack and generated the code with Mathematica - would you know if a Python script could work around these constants and fetch app data?

EDIT: I think I was a little too ambitious when writing this post - sorry @BuildASnowman for the unnecessary tag… awkwardd. I’d delete the tags if the forum let me take them back. I bet there’s a way to link some sort of Cydia module to bypass those perms quickly though.

(Sorry yall, completely unrelated to fetching featured projects… its really cool that it’s actually possible!)

Gosh, 4 edits to such a minor post…


@William04GamerA Just asking, what are you writing your program on? Python?


Yes, I am writing it in Python. I’m using the micro web framewor k Flas k (for Python) for powering the website itself.


@William04GamerA Do you have a link where we can view your progress so far? I believe it’s really cool that you are doing this project!


No, not yet. I am working on it. I can post some screenshots. Expect a first demo sometime next week. But because of the fact that Christmas is upcoming, I have some other projects.

I also have to ask THT for permission to do this before I release the project. Otherwise, it will have to stay private.

What I’ve done now is successfully parsed all the projects and displayed them one-by-one. I want to implement a grid view instead, and then start working on the functionality of liking projects and more using @Petrichor’s API-key.


This is a screenshot of the current web page zoomed out by 50%.


@Petrichor, I would need the api_key for the user in order to do stuff like viewing categories. I think that you know what you´re doing, so I don´t need to explain how you get these values more than that you have to go to a tab like #art (I am not sure exactly which tabs that need authorization).

Here is a screenshot from Telerik Fiddler 4 (an application that works similar to Charles, if you are using that to capture web traffic) so you can understand what I am talking about (if you don´t already do):


I think it’s all except featured and trending, but I didn’t really pay attention when I checked a while ago


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Hmm… Is this an error in the way I format URLs, or is the data provided invalid?
Log outfput: Couldn´t parse JSON with response: Incorrect user id or auth token. Request URL:[id]=4753230&user[auth_token]=qKok4lCx8YB9Wgp+o862AA==&page=1.




Thank you. I’ll see if I have made some mistake in my code.


@awesomeonion, does the title of a draft exist in the JSON file or do you have to get it via the metadata files?


Meta probably, you can only see the ID that will eventually become the web URL ( /p/[id] )


It used to, but not anymore. I think you’ll need to use metadata files.


Is there a way to falafel code using the .json file?

If you added some chickpeas to the Game Start function, would it turn into the Middle Eastern dish?

Just wondering.


Yes that would work.