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I misspelled it. Let me get the correct link for you.


@UTheDevHS Here is the correct link:


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It redirects to YouTube.

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Hahaha, funny.
@UTheDevHS my link is the correct one.


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How do you upload the edited json file back into hopscotch?

With iTunes

Drag the file back to where u got it from (I think it’s Apps\Hopscotch\Documents\json_projects), select replace

With Files

Drag it from your source. Keep holding the file and navigate to Local\Hopscotch\json_projects and hit replace


oh. REPLACE is the magic word. Thank you!


@Awesome_E Actually I cant get that to work. :frowning:
How do you make it appear in your hopscotch drafts?


I think the outcome is updated blocks.



i just realized your supposed to replace the ENTIRE folder.


What happened to the discussion I started about these secret blocks?? It’s gone now for me. Anyone else? Why is this?


It was moderated.


Because the post turned into an “unfriendly” place.

They moderated the topic not because it was flagged but because it was abused.


You have to have a draft first. Hopscotch stores each draft ID online - you can’t just drag a file in. You have to copy it to a computer first, then replace back.


@Awesome_E Thank you, but I already got it. It’s all in copying the edited code from the json editor website, overwriting the project with this new code, then copying the ENTIRE folder into the iTunes window for hopscotch by DRAGGING it from the files and clicking replace. It took me a while, but now I’m very happy.


@UTheDevHS But how did a discussion regarding secret blocks get inappropriate? I don’t understand. It had some really useful posts by Petrichor… rip


Yeah… Someone was a little language abusive.

Then it got moderated