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I am going to do that as long as I get THT´s permission.


a l r i g h t y


What encoding would be best for the JSON? I see that some characters show up as “n█ █ n███n ██n███n███n███n█ █n███n███n███n ██n ██n█████n█ ███n █nn███n███n” (just an example) after encoding them with UTF-8 and then decoding them. Would ASCII be better for those “fancy” characters?


ascii has all the characters so prolly
why do you need to encode them? cant you just get the plain text or whatever


Thanks for the quick response. That´s what I assumed.


doesnt it just give it to you already encoded?
on the webplayer site i can read it fine, idk how youre getting it


Yeah, but I get it as a non-encoded string. I have to encode it when it´s being saved. And my program doesn´t accept ASCII too well right now, unfortunately. I´ll have to use UTF-8 for a while. It should work for most characters though.


huh ok then


if you get it like that isnt it encoded?


if you give the iframe rounded corners it looks nice


I don’t get it that way actually, but I will use that as a fallbac k if the JSON gets encoded wrong.

And the rounded corners looks really nice! I might add that to the interface.


oh i didnt know there was another way to get it besides that and stealing it from the player


If you decode/encode the json using ascii you’ll lose some of the unicode characters if a project has them. I think they used UTF8. At least that’s what I used for my json cleaning program and never had any problems.


Okay. And gzip shouldn’t have any problem with characters as well? Then there must be an error in my code. I know how to solve it though. If any problems are found, it will just redirect people to Hopscotch’s servers when they tap “view the pure JSON” which is a button in my application.


How do I change the version of a project? In the json file I found a variable named version that was at 29, and I changed it to 30, but I’m not sure if I did it right.
What am I supposed to do?


I’ve never done it, but I guess that you should export it back to Hopscotch via file sharing.


You can change it. It might make some stuff work differently, that’s because older versions use other runtimes. I don’t know what the latest version is though, but you can look it up pretty easily.


It wasn´t an encoding error. BB-Box´s project ( has these weird characters in the JSON. But at least I´ve implemented a way to get the JSON from both the projects indexed by my application and data from Hopscotch´s server.s


This topic has been so active recently


I know. And I like it. Hopscotch JSONs are a really interesting topic and you can really do a lot with them.