Project JSON modification — Topic


Wow! Thank you so much for that! I tried getting the request with both Charles and Fiddler (web proxies), but I couldn’t. How did you find these endpoints?


Charles app.


thats what i had planned :p
idk if itll work though bc flas k


quick i need a project link


2 hours later

Here’s one from like 2013


doesnt matter
i tried to get webplayer in a codepen but i couldnt figure it out
also any idea who any56 is


Well, the page layout is HTML, I use Flas k and Python to get all the data and then send the variables to a HTML file. You should be able to modify it using plain HTML and CSS as you’d usually do.


so JS is supported?
this gon be e z then


Absolutely. Everything that HTML supports.


here ya go


Thank you! I´ll make sure to give you credit when I publish the extractor!


No problem! yyou dont need to give me credit because i literally just looked at the iframe embed thing from the website :p
the template to embed the player is

<iframe src="<project uuid here>" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" 

and while typing that, I realized that iframes can be embedded in discourse posts, so i can do this:

it works just like on the website.


Wait I wasn’t able to do that earlier


you have to do it as an iframe
just use the embed link from the website
idk maybe they updated discourse
you can embed codepens with the link and they are interactive as well

quote this


Yeah that’s what I did.


apparently only some iframes work
the one for codepen doesnt


It works for me. By the way, do you know what the height and width values should be so that the iframe looks good?


i dunno i just left them at the default
theyre measured in pixels (i assume) so you might need to do some css, but you shouldnt have to
just adjust it until it looks right, keep the same ratio though
can you use git on pythonanywhere?


I don´t really know about git, but I managed to embed the webplayer and it looks amazing! Thank you so much!

You can unzip files on PythonAnywhere though, so I could just use git on my computer and the compress the result if I´d have to get something from github. Or are you talking about what to do if you want to self-host this?


i’m talking about putting stuff on github so people can for k it and help fix bugs and stuff
and maybe self host if they want idk
you should be able to use git push
why does kbd work better than code format
you dont have to if u dont want to idc just a suggestion :man_shrugging: