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Cool when will it be released


I get most of it from the JSON. It is then saved in a directory that contains the JSON file and a file called “puredata.tx t”. That file is loaded when somebody asks for data. A new directory is made every time somebody searches for the project so that you can get the history of it. The file structure is a little bit more advanced, I can show you a screenshot if you want.

Do you mean search from Hopscotchers from Hopscotch’s servers? How can you do that?

Yeah, but it has more information that the iPhone app like JSON data, an objects list and more.

I guess in one or two weeks. I have to ask THT and I probably want to add some more functions and features.


I won’t decline a screenshot. That would be very interesting!


Okay. I’m on my iPad at home right now, but I will take a short bike ride and then come back later. I will get on my computer this afternoon and I’ll hope that I remember to post a screenshot! :slight_smile:


do you have this in a github (or other online version control) repo? if so would you mind if i try to add a webplayer (or some form of it)?


I don´t, but I will try to do that soon though! I know that some code are ineffective, so I´ll have to fix that first.


Here you go:
Data saved at each request:
Content of the “puredata.tx t”-file (more data will probably be added soon):
It´s pretty self explainatory.


ok, can’t wait!
by the way, hOW did you manage to find a cloud server thingy that supports Flas k


I am using using ´s free plan. It´s awesome!


i thought it turned off after like ten minutes though
i have used it though, its a nOice ui


It should only turn off every three months unless you log in and click a button. And that isn´t too hard.


dude thats awesome
i have an awesome webserver (from but i dont think it supports flas k… it never turns off though and its free, you just need an education email


I´ve tried Gwiddle, but I don´t think that it worked for me as I am a student in Sweden.


ohh ok
theres also heroku but it has limited hours (500 per month iirc) and it has to be offline t least 4 hours each day
also ouch i feel like something is stabbing my shoulder :)


Heroku is also great. I haven´t managed to git push a Flas k app to it yet though. I have tried out many tutorials online.

Anyways, I GTG but talk to you later!


alrighty, see ya later!!

honestly if i could have a server/desktop/some kind of computer that i could always have online i would just host it on that, but the only one i have has windows which i have not had good experiences with


That is really cool! When you release it, are you going to drop the code too then?


I would just use the api thing that’s used in the app.

You might be able to just copy the code.


Any endpoints…? I’ll see if I can find it with Fiddler 4 on my computer (if you know what that is).

Yes, I am. But I have to double-check a few things with THT first.


I’ll get a few in a minute Or two I’ll edit this’s post

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