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This topic is for discussing and sharing what you know about editing the JSON file for a draft.

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How to find/edit the JSON file of a draft:

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Cool topic (^^)
One question does the computer have to be a computer or can it be a laptop?
If it can be a laptop then does the laptop have to be a apple laptop or can it be Windows?


Doesn’t matter, as long as you have iTunes and a USB port.


Do you need to know js to edit the json file?


ITunes will work, but if u have iExplorer or iFunBox, it will take way less time to access images or other large files.


No javascript needed :slight_smile:
Just make sure to use quotes and close your brackets


So about that thing I found, I just saw in the first post but they never talked about it, is the scenes. This is in the code of the app if that is the case, but there is no way in the editor to access them. I think this is the “rooms/layers” they were talking about.

And here is where this topic started


Code & Block (there is an ID in the webplayer file, which is 125) @EP125 lol

Which do you think the Change Scene should look like?

  • Change Scene with specified scene (Top)
  • Change Scene without specified scene (Bottom)

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We already saw the change scene block.




My image or somewhere else


In a project, being used.


Can u send A link 2 me??

Possibly in beta? Idk cuz i can get beta

(And it doesnt work in latest official HS release)


No. It’s in Hopscotch. Beta has basically the December 2015 community.


This old post shows what the block really looks like.

@Petrichor posted the link below so I don’t need to edit it in here.

Here’s a better look at how you pick the scene



iTunes 12.7 doesn’t have the Apps menu anymore. It’s just called File Sharing now.


Never saw that b4
How do u control which scenes the objects r in?


At the moment, since it’s not a complete feature, I believe you need to do it manually in the file.


Oh, I just saw that.