Project JSON modification and other modding — Topic

Some blocks, like the one you mentioned, are a result of the block changing from its original description.

For reference, a block displays its description as Block Name parameter key (bubble for value).

It used to be called “Wait”, and the parameter key used to be “milliseconds”, thus displaying Wait milliseconds (500). But since HS has changed it, the new block name is “Wait Milliseconds”, and there is no parameter description, resulting in Wait Milliseconds (500).

However, the app reads the data a little bit differently. It reads the block name provided by the iOS app files and the parameter key from the project’s JSON data file. What ends up happening is the newest block name is always shown, but the parameter key is whatever the project had at the time.

Thus, the block name is always Wait Milliseconds (stored in app), but older projects have the old parameter key “milliseconds” – that makes Wait Milliseconds milliseconds (500).

They don’t do anything different, but if you mean “Secret Blocks” like “Create a Clone times (x),” then you can actually mod it yourself using a tool like this. If you would like to know more specifics, tag me here.

That unfortunately won’t work anymore, as newer Hopscotch versions won’t open draft links.