Project JSON modification and other modding — Topic

If you want to see the raw JSON data, it is easiest done on a computer.

  1. Find the draft in the Files app. Go to On my iPad > Hopscotch > json_projects
  2. click the 4 squares at the top right, then choose to sort by date. This is so you can see drafts like they’re organized in Hopscotch. If the most recent draft isn’t first, reverse the order by selecting to sort by “date” one more time.
  3. Choose the first draft, tap and hold on it, and tap copy.
  4. Paste the file in iCloud drive (or you can upload it temporarily to a place like
  5. Go to iCloud drive (or whatever download link you get) and open it with a text editor (you may have to rename the file to end with .txt or .json instead of .hopscotch)

Alternatively, you can use other JSON editors like the one here, where you upload a file and get different options, including the ability to edit the raw JSON file. If you need help using this editor, this is a good topic for you to ask that question.

Quick note: not sure if you meant to have a Leader close it, but not all old topics have to be closed. Topics such as these can be open-ended and serve as a place for people to discuss the project’s file structure. see this post