Project in need of your help



Test your device performance

Hey guys, I have started a new project called test your device performance.
It basically says to your Ipad: Show me all you've got.
It makes your Ipad run the most scripts (commands) it can.

This project has the objective of answering these questions:

-Do different Ipads have different results on this project
-Can we guess which Ipad people have depending on it's performance

Questions you will probably ask

Q: Will it damage my Ipad?
A:No, Hopscotch has a feature that prevents your Ipad to be damaged, and sometimes prevents your Ipad to crash.

How? My theorie is: Right before every script, it calculates if your Ipad can handle it.

Quick Answers:

-You will get credit
-The project may be changed
-You can test this on multiple devices

How do I help?

You just have to open the project, test it, copy paste this text and edit it:

First Result:
Second Result:

Have you tested while obeying the rules?
(Remove every other oppenned apps by double clicking the home button. Tested while your Ipad was charged above 15%)

Third Result:
Fourth Result:

Extra: (comments...)


Here are my stats:

Device: iPad Air 2
First Result: 944
Second Result: 942

(Optional) iOS: 9.0.2


Device: iPad 4
First Result: 941
Second Result: 950
(optional) iOS: 9.1.0
(optional) Extra: Not bad huh?


Here you go!
Also: I don't know if this matters, but I did it once before without closing my apps, and I got 950.

iPad Air 2
First Result: 948
Second Result: 948
Rules were obeyed


Device: iPad air, a year and probably a month or two old, iOS 9.1
I cleared iPad except hopscotch, searched your name on it and clicked on project, battery 39%


I pad air
1. 948
Though results might not be right as my I pad has 9% battery


That's impressive since I have an Ipad air too and it is probably 1 year and 3 months old, 10% battery and I got the exact same results as you.


Mines 6 weeks old 🤗🤗🤗🤗 so yours is great!


Ok so an An air's score is from 939 to 952


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