Project Ideas (for stuck hopscotchers)



Hi! Today I am going to share some project ideas for those who are stuck on what to code on hopscotch or just need a challenge!

  1. Cooking Games/Baking Games
    I personally love these because they are extremely interactive and your followers can really be creative and make something there own!
  2. Clicker
    This project is pretty basic, but quite a lot of people will click on it! (get it, get it?)
  3. Drawing Pads
    These are really popular on Hopscotch and tons of people remix these kinds of projects to show others their cool artwork!
  4. Finger following games
    By this, I mean objects that follow your finger to try and reach some kind of goal. These are not difficult projects to make, however, for some reason, I always feel some kind of sense of accomplishment when I post them on my account.
  5. Pixel Art
    Whooo! Pixel Art is soooo cool in my opinion and tons of Hopscotchers always appreciate a cool pixel art! Plus they are fun to make and time-consuming if you are bored at home!

I hope this helped you guys get your creative juices going!

Idea for a new game, anyone?
The Hopscotch Ideas Topic!

Nice topic!
I like how you included a description for each idea :+1:


@Panthera It’s perfectly fine to have multiple topics with project ideas ;D ;D


Awesome ideas!! I’m sure these will help a lot of people! :DDD


They helped me in 10 seconds!


Great and helpful topic!


@CreationsOfaNoob- Thanks! It is important to describe what you are talking about to get the point across! I’m glad you noticed that!
@lollypopcorn- Thanks, I really do hope they help others!
@Mystic_Maniac- I am so happy they helped you!
@William04GamerA - Thank you! :smile:


I have an idea. Trail lyric art.
Basically trail art based on a song,


You’re welcome!! :D