Project Idea: Choose your own adventure



If anyone has read the choose your own adventure books you'll know what i mean. We could type an adventure story with choices the readers have to make at certain points. A poll would be made and ppl can vote on what choice to make. The most voted choice would be used to continue the story. Different members could take turns continuing and telling the story.


I think this is a great project idea anyway even if people aren't able to make it right now :smiley:

You can change it back to what it was, and title it something like "Project Idea: Choose your own adventure" instead. I'd love to make a project like this and while I might not be able to do it now, we could always work on a collab in the future. Plus other people might be interested too, and they might be inspired by this to make their own project.

I love this idea and might refer to it when I'm out of ideas for projects, and I appreciate you making this post too :smile:


Well that is going to take a very long time to even think about making!


Some members already made a game like this and i helped with the project.
Also i noticed you deleted your comment that got flagged. A shame as i was typing a reply before someone else flagged your comment.