Project HUNTERS!- Club


Alright! I am starting a project hunt, just for fun. What we will be doing is I will give a topic the first week. Than we can all separately go on a hunt trying to find the best project we can that relates to the topic! On Friday or Saturday, after we have all put out someone's link to a project, we will all look at all of the projects! Then we will rate each project on a scale from 1-10, then add up all of the scores and determine the winner! Then the winner will choose the next category on Monday, and we will all go hunt! This process will most likely repeat every week. So if you want to join, please reply to this telling me your Hopscotch user and saying I would like to join. First topic will be posted on Monday, December 28! And it is never too late to join! :blush:


I'll join! You know my Hopscotch username…


May I please join?!