Project does not load when tapping play for video tutorials

Please help:
I’m on the first tutorial, when i click on the “PLAY” button, the screen freezes with loading sign.
The same thing happens to other projects - none of them is able to “Play”

Please help!


Looks like this is a bug with the newest webplayer[1] – recategorizing!

  1. webplayer: a JavaScript file that is used to play Hopscotch projects ↩︎


Hi! This sounds like a strange problem and it should not be happened. Hopefully, a member from The Hopscotch Team will reply here as soon as possible and acknowledge the issue.

In the meantime, could you post what comes up when you navigate to your profile, tap the settings icon, and then “About”? That information might be helpful to troubleshoot. Also, make sure that you have updated the Hopscotch app to the latest version.


Welcome to the forum, @meemo!
Oh no, that doesn’t seem right — it should indeed play those projects.

I have tested on my iPad and iPhone but couldn’t seem to find this issue, so I will just need some more information to investigate. (The “Make Plants Grow with Code” project, and other projects from the video tutorials, are currently able to play for me.)

Like William04GamerA mentioned, do you think you could also follow these steps and share the info here?

  1. Open Hopscotch

  2. Go to your profile (tap “Me”)

  3. Go to the settings menu (tap the gear :gear: icon)

  4. Tap “About”

It contains information on your Hopscotch version, iOS version, device and so on.

Hopefully we can sort this issue out. (This is what “Make Plants Grow with Code” should look like)