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This shop/request/currency is started by me (@ yourself) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the #shops-and-requests or #competitions-and-events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.
In this shop, you can get the “rights” to one of my projects and/or put in a request for me to make a certain project. Price is in a new currency, EarlyGrapeCoins(a reference to my original hs username), which you can get by winning or placing in one of my contests. Members of my tag group, @/storys_r_us, can get a free 50 EarlyGrapeCoins right now by requesting it! Prices will be calculated for deeds depending on project difficulty to make, value to me, and how popular project is. For requests, it is only the first one in the requirements.
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Ooh cool! Two questions - 1, what’s the seed to coin ratio? Like, how many seeds would be equal to 10 coins? 2, could I have my coins?

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Well for one thing I have no way of receiving seed payment so I’m not sure. Maybe like 2 seeds to a coin? Also, sure! That is 50 coins for you! I need to make a spreadsheet for this. Give me a moment…


Ok I have a spreadsheet.


You actually do. Check your seed balance, do you have 3 more seeds than you had? :wink:
(also, I’d recommend changing it from 50 coins, because it’s kind of odd to give people free 100 seeds worth of stuff lol)


Do you think I’m actually going to get an order in the shop eventually?

  • Yes
  • No

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I am in your tag.

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Do you want me to remove you from it?

No thanks:)

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