Project Charades: Hopscotch Edition



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This will be an ongoing game series.
Until I run out if support and ideas...:rolling_eyes:

If you watched Ellen DeGeneres play this with her audience, you probably know what I mean...

The Amazing Cyan Link

Charades is a game where the players have to describe the word given by acting it out or verbally describing the word by giving hints, to a guessed who is holding the device.
( saying out the word will result in a pass. )

In the real app, you either tilt your device up, if you guessed it right, or tilt it down, if you cannot guess the word or the players cannot describe the word as requested.

Now, the first game's topic will be about Hopscotch.

Wooooooo hype!

Here's a poll on what should be included in the game...

  • Stargirl

  • MagmaPOP

  • Snowgirl

  • Parrot

  • Set Position

  • Set Invisibility

  • Leave A Trail

  • Cupcake

  • Cosmic Cody

  • SmileyAlyssa

  • Ability Block

  • Repeat Forever

  • Increase Value


You may choose between 5 and 8 options.

This is just a Kickstarter.
I will only add a poll for the first game.

The two difference of the games IRL and in Hopscotch is...

Hopscotch Version will...

Have a different Correct/Pass mechanism
No Timer (Yay for those who hate timings)


Is it okay if I make a similar game to this game?


Why not!

Can't like.. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

The way see it, the mech is simple...


Mine will be with turning it up and down to get it incorrect or correct.


Hmmm... Interesting...

Can you share the code with me here if you managed to do it please?
Thanks in advance!

It's likely I'm not gonna use the mech in my version!


Ok! I will, but I need to go somewhere for a sporting event and I can't bring my IPad. Plus, it is out of battery. :blush:




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