Profile Swap Forum Mini Game! (Switch PFPs with this easy trick!)


Ok so recently I discovered how to get someone’s profile picture easily, just hold down on it on one of their posts, and then just save the image by selecting save image(this only works on Apple devices)

So I have created a fun game, where you switch PFPs with someone else! I have already switched PFPs with @DogWithAPen. Confuse your friends! Or maybe switch PFPs in larger groups!


it works on all devices ;ppp


Ok great good to know


Sup myself I mean hopscotch remixer
Yeah I knew how to switch pro pics and it works well!
I decided to screen shot yours cause I wanted it to look funny and “not professional”


Well I can’t really tell lol


oh no
dis remind me of B O B B Y


Who is Bobby??what??


h i m


Oh ok…so Kayro take over the forum thing


Oooooo that’s a great idea!!! #GottaTry


#bobbylivesmatter I heard and saw u guys talking bout Bobby.

Cool topic. I remember when i would switch profile pics. But I would edit them so they looked more like my style I guess. Like I would add my logo.


u guys can use mine but dont go crazy

the sauce



this is too confuzzling >:000


Wow, I thought you were @DogWithAPen! Kool!


Hey photo! It’s me hopscotch remixer, I mean DWAP


Who remembers when two famous hops swapped on HS?


Not meh.


E90E3BF3-A05E-4C84-AF32-A8AD76383CFD-1381-00000277A4AB6B83 Dos is mine


I think it was smileyalyssa and anonymous


Dis is mine in case anyone wants Alycia as their pp