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Hello! It's PhantomPig :pig: . I'm wondering how @t1_hopscotch and @ColeDJ have their profile picture as their avatar on hopscotch. Do you guys take pictures of the character and add text on your computer or do something else?


I found mine online. Go to: Hopscotch charecters app images.


@PhantomPig Yes, I made mine on my iPad, took a screenshot of my character in hopscotch from the profile screen, and went into Pixelmator (any app that can add text to photos) to add the text overtop.


You do that way, I use pics art.


That's cool this is mine that I made on pics art:


Hi @PhantomPig my avatar was inspired by @ColeDJ but I actually made mine entirely on Hopscotch :smiley: (apart from cropping it in the Photos app :wink:)

I see that you've changed your avatar already but here's how I did mine anyway (:

  • I made a Hopscotch project with two objects: my Hopscotch character (Bird) and a text object with my name (you could put initials if you want):

  • For my Hopscotch character, I added code to make her grow in size and add a background colour:

  • For my name the text object, I wanted to make it bigger, change its colour to white, and fade a little. So I added this code:

And that's it! If your text accidentally appears behind your character, don't worry. All you have to do is add the Bring to Front block to the code for your text object and that will fix it :smiley:

Hope that helps anyone else if you're wondering too :smile:

What is sharing a post?

Thanks @t1_hopscotch ! I just changed it to my character! :pig: