Profile Pictures & Images Glitch




I've noticed a new glitch with all images on the forum. Every picture, whether it's a profile picture or an image, is completely blank.
Here's a screenshot:

Also, sometimes this bug comes and goes. Images stay blank for a minute, but when I refresh the page everything goes back to normal, but after another minute it's blank again.

Thanks for your help!


It might be just you. I see that image.
I'll check on this in a moment


I don't have that problem. Just try signing out then logging back in again?


Does it happen every first time you open the forum? I mean; if you exited your browser and opened it, then opened the HS forum, does it happen? The photos (and .gif's) might be loading if that's the case.


This happens to me a lot.

Usually I just either refresh or exit out of Safari and try it again. Usually it works then!


That happens every once in a while.
this topic didn't really need the omtl


Your device might not have enough memory available, refresh the page or close some tabs. If that doesn´t work, it is probably just a glitch.


Try refreshing the page or browser, and check your internet connection.

@Periwinkle_Dolphin, If it helps find the answer it's worth using the OMTL. :slight_smile:


I tried both of those, but it doesn't work.


That seems very odd... try logging out and then logging back in?


Yeah, I tried that too. The bug stopped happening to me now though.