Profile Picture!


Hey so I need you guys to vote on my profile pic!
Just choose in the poll below!





Thanks for Voting ;D




Friendly mass tag list:


Approved ;D


They're all so cute! I can't choose! :disappointed_relieved:




Why not make a poll? Also, I'm not sure what to choose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk how to make a poll can you make one :hugging:


I choose one. And don't you know how to make a poll? Tutorial below, and you can post pictures inside polls, you will just have to change the width and height of the picture (it's located at the end of all the crazy letters and stuff).

[poll type=multiple max=your choice min=your choice]
- Remember to put a space after the -, or your poll won't work.
- You can post links, do fonts, post pictures, etc. inside polls, too!
- You can have as many choices as you want!

Just type a number in the max/min slots, and you've got a poll! Also, for number polls, just change the multiple to number and add the max/min numbers!


Okay, here. :slight_smile:

  • I choose 1!
  • I choose 2!
  • I choose 3!
  • I choose 4!
  • I choose 5!


Also, see @tankt2016's tutorial to see how to make a poll. :wink:


Okay, poll.

  • I vote single number 1!
  • Go number 2!
  • Lucky number 3!
  • Number 4's my style!
  • Number 5 is my favorite number!



I just went with 1 because a lot liked it :blush: