Profile picture...?


Should I change my profile picture I have now? I want one which is actually pink cherries but when I typed pink cherries into images I didn't like any. I like the one I have now but I think I would prefer something else but it took me ages to find this one and I don't know how long it will take for me to find something else.

What's your opinion on my profile picture? Should I stick with it or change it?

Please take part in the poll

  • Keep the one you have now
  • Hold a competition for a new one
  • Find a new one yourself


Thank you
- Pinkcherry38


I will draw one for you. It might take me a few days. Do you want pink cherries? Or something else? If you want something else, tell me what you like.


Thank you, I would love pink cherries but it looks like I'm going to hold a competition so I will give more detail then. Thank you for the offer.
- :cherries::turtle::watermelon:
( my emoji signature as pinkcherry38 is quite long )


Sure. I will join you competition though.


@Kitkat26 my profile picture competition is up!


Oh. Okay. If you ever have another one, let me know.