Profile Picture/ User Card/ Profile Background Requests!



Hi! So, yeah, just a few requests, please... I take as many requests as I can. Just gimme whatever you want drawn or if you want me to redraw it, and I'll do it when I can!


Can you draw a watermelon with a face on it?


Can you redraw these two please




Ermagr yassssssssssss


Do you think you could just color this digitally? I know it's already colored but I just crave clean colors and a clean white background for my profile pic :DD


I tried...


I want lots of badgers, some mushrooms, and a snake. (You KNOW what this is referring to.. XD)


o god its scary but i know what it is


Badger mushroom song isn't scary :(
(jk I know what you mean by scary lol)


Thank you so much! I'll give credit in my bio!


Thank you for giving credit and filling in a request.

I'm taking more requests, people! Keep them coming!